Gender in equality is a harsh reality. Changing this requires transformation of mindset. It need sanction at the ground level. And Asbah has taken it upon itself to do that. In fact, Asbah’s reason for existence is to create balanced society.

A society where women and men have equal rights to pursue their dreams. Asbah, a DCP India Private Limited company was launched in early 2015 at the Gulf Food Expo, Dubai. It entered the European market in April of the same year and then was launched across India in August 2015.

Asbah’s idea of business is very unique. It contributes a part of its profits to the empowerment of talented, under privileged women across the world. The money issued for education, sports training and skill development of these girls. This way it ensures that great talent is not lost due to lack of funds or facilities.

Currently, Asbah is supporting six budding boxers, address designer, a yoga instructor and an aspiring yoga practitioner. More and more women are continuously being added to the list. Asbah assure that with time, it will be able to empower hundreds of women across the world and make a huge contribution to creating a balanced society.

While a balanced society is at the core of its existence, Asbah ensures that quality of its products Is never compromised. It is in every sense-“great food for a great cause”.