Whichever Arla dairy products is your favorite, you can be sure that it comes from a farmer-owned dairy company. Nine of 10 litres of Arla milk comes from the farmers who own Arla and it is carefully handled by the dedicated team of Arla which is passionate about bringing milk natural goodness to you and your family.

Arla is a dairy ooperative, owned by 12,500 farmers. All the benefits from the sale of Arla’s products go back to those owners. The owners live in senen countries in Northern Europe and they share the earnings equally on each litre of milk they deliver to Arla. Their cooperative roots go all the way back the 1880’s and their structure means that they work collaboratively to create a sustainable long term future for the dairy industry.

Because they’ve owned by the same farmers who produces milk, they know everything that need to know – every step of the way. That’s why you can be sure that Arla dairy products are bases on cow’s milk of a very high quality.