Omnia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is a superior category olive oil obtained directly from Olives and solely by mechanical means which do not modify its basic properties. This results in a completely natural product which maintains the taste plus chemical and biological characteristics of the olive. Omnia EVOO is extracted in Italy from Olives cultivated in Italy, derived from the first cold pressing of olives without refining.

Omnia EVOO, is grown in Coratina cultivar producing extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols and has significantly lower acidity than other olive oils, it has a better resistance to the oxidation process. With as low as 0.3% acidity, it is considered one of the finest and fruitiest olive oil. The Coratina cultivar is famous for its extra virgin olive oil with an intense flavor and a spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste, respectively due to the high concentration of oleuropein and polyphenols.

The presence of a high amount of polyphenols have several health benefits, like the reduction of the formation of 'negative' cholesterol, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, helps in the digestive process, It is also useful in the prevention of aging phenomena allows a greater absorption of vitamins especially vitamin E and A.

While most of the olive oil in the market was the blended one. Omnia guarantees its olive oil is not blended and comes from a single source, from one farm in Coratina Cultivar, ensuring the highest quality. Imported directly from Italy by and branded under the name of Omnia Food Trading. Omnia EVOO is a 100% product of Italy.