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Alqusais Industrial Area 3
United Arab Emirates
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Solan De Cabras Water

Over 3,600 Years Of Slow Filtration, The Official Water Of Real Madrid And Recommended In Spain By Doctors, 100% Recycled Bottles.

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Medicinal Mineral Water...
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Solán de Cabras, recognised since the eighteenth century as a Medicinal Mineral Water and, in 1790, declared as a Water of Public Interest, and steadfast in its concern for healthy lifestyle habits
Solán de Cabras continues the pink tide of “Gotas de Solidaridad” by supporting World Breast Cancer Day on 19 October.

Sparkling Water With A...
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The Usual Solán De Cabras Water, Now With A Crunchy Bubble That Will Fill Your Mouth With Fresh Sensations , Unexpected Sparkling Water With A Crisp Bubble Full Of Freshness And Elegance , Its Balanced Mineral Composition Makes It Perfect For Any Occasion. In Addition, It Can Be Combined With Fruit,Mint Or Ginger To Provide Unique Nuances In Each Drink.

Repair Flavored Water...
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Pack of (24) Solan De Cabras Repair 330ml ,This drink made with more than 90% Solán de Cabras water, along with fruit juices and natural aromas, contains B3 vitamins and biotin, which contribute to the maintenance of the skin and hair in normal conditions. In addition, its combination with pomegranate juice and red grapes makes it a delight in the mouth.

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